Property Management – Commercial Properties Real Estate

Property Management – Commercial Properties Real Estate

The Property Management for SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution for owners and managers of commercial real estate. The software enables efficient and effective management of a commercial facility. It is also an excellent working tool for owners and managers of offices, shopping centers, warehouse parks, retail, service and franchise chains and other facilities.

If you want to manage in an efficient way – the software you decide on should contain all information related to the real estate and the rental agreement in one system, starting with tenants, suppliers and functionalities that automate typical operations, such as invoicing rents and other charges periodic, media settlement, community fees, and supporting technical service facilities.

What can do you gain when you manage your real estate with Property Management for SAP Business One?

  • Control in management– you get a full picture of the property, by gathering all the information you need in one place and with easy and direct access to data necessary for the proper management of commercial property, such as: ownership, documentation, lease agreements, settlements, and invoicing rents and other accounting things.
  • Reduced risk of errors in management– by storing all information in one place and once registering them, you reduce the risk of mistakes, omissions and repetitions regarding the management of commercial real estate.
  • Saving time– Property Management for SAP Business One gives you quick insight into contracts, as well as all accounting and technical real estate matters – the program simply saves you time.
  • Convenience and flexibility– Property Management for SAP Business One is intuitive and easy to learn, available in many language versions and its implementation allows you to adapt it to individual expectations and needs depending on the type of property you manage and the specificity of your company.
  • 24/7 Control– Property Management for SAP Business One is a modern tool designed to control commercial real estate in the most effective way – the software is available via smartphones and sends monitoring alerts that notify the managing person when something important happens.

The many areas where the system can support your business include:

  • Control of contract terms,
  • Supervision over the contract life cycle, control of important dates,
  • Automatic invoicing,
  • Automatic change of rates because of indexation, together with billing correction,
  • Records and control of insurance and contract financial securities: deposit guarantees, etc.,
  • Cost control, services consumption, and automatic settlement,
  • Settlement of the cost-of-service charges,
  • Cash flow control,
  • Budget control at the operational level (OPEX).,
  • Operational reporting,
  • Reporting to the landlords,
  • Support for commercialization processes,
  • Records management.

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 Landlords and investors

As a landlord, you expect that the money you had invested will yield high returns. With the implementation of the SAP Business One Property Management, investors, developers, capital funds gain a tool to help oversee the assets gained and held, as well as allow obtaining up-to-date information concerning the operational real estate activities. From this perspective, the following aspects become important:

  • Control of the real estate portfolio,
  • Rent-roll forecasts,
  • Support in the implementation of ongoing projects/investments,
  • Budget control of investments (CAPEX),
  • Finance and financial controlling,
  • Support the model of many special purpose vehicles (SPV),
  • Multilingual and adaptable to local circumstances in over 42 countries.